Angel Capital Ventures

Angel Capital Ventures is uniquely able to address equity gap funding. The team have extensive experience in structuring and building early stage Venture Capital funds, with a key focus on leveraging the Angel market.

Whilst at GLE, the team launched the UK's first government backed £5m Early Growth angel co-investment fund, London Seed Capital and co-founded the UK's first angel-led Enterprise Capital fund, the £30m Seraphim Capital fund.

The LBA EIS Roundtable Funds

ACV established and operates a small venture fund focused on early stage technology businesses seeking between £150k - £2m. The London Business Angels EIS Round Table Fund is the first of its kind in the UK. This EIS approved fund offers an innovative approach for investing alongside The London business Angels network of high net worth angel investors.

This new FCA regulated fund, offers important co-investment funding alongside LBA's angel deals. The Fund aims to act as a catalyst for investment over the coming year, while also allowing LBA's members to spread their investment across a number of our carefully selected companies.

Anthony Clarke, Managing Director of LBA welcomes the new LBA EIS Round Table Fund: "Angels syndicating together in Angel Networks and adopting a portfolio approach to their angel investing can significantly increase their annual returns as identified by BBAA in its extensive research on angel investing published in 2009”.

To date LBA has raised 6 EIS approved funds and a SEIS fund. Please see full details of the portfolio here -

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