About Us

Angel Capital Group was created in 2009 to focus on helping high growth companies realise their potential through both knowledge and investment.

Our experienced management team are established leaders in the development of new angel-led early stage investment initiatives, whilst we are able to leverage nearly 30 years of investment experience through our London Business Angels network. From our headquarters in central London we work both nationally and internationally, providing access to leading-edge services designed to improve investment readiness, facilitate access to early stage investment, and create opportunities for the development of new early stage co-investment funds, with a key focus on the Angel investment market.

The team is supported by a board of leading international players from finance, Angel Investment, Venture Capital and Business.

Angel Capital Group is composed of two businesses:



Angel Capital Ventures is uniquely able to address equity gap funding, bringing extensive experience in structuring and building early stage Venture Capital and co-investment funds, with a key focus on leveraging the Angel market.


London Business Angels is one of longest established, most respected and successful Business Angel Investment Networks in the UK. Since 1982 LBA has been connecting high growth small and medium sized enterprises with equity finance through our exclusive network of experienced business angel investors.